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Working with the Firm

At Reed Financial Planning Services, LLC, we specialize in working with baby boomers and Connecticut public school teachers. You only have one chance at retirement and with our knowledge, we help you succeed and make the most of your retirement years. We develop deep, lifelong relationships with our clients and take care of their investment and planning to allow them to enjoy retirement without as many worries. 

We are flexible in how clients engage our services.  You can engage us on a periodic, fee-based financial consultant basis, or for those looking for a more proactive, higher level of service, you may want to become a Concierge Client.

Our minimum asset level for new clients is $1,000,000 of household investable assets.

(Why we have minimums for new clients.) 

Fee-Based Financial Consultant Relationship

This is a great option for those who want someone who can answer their questions, analyze their situation and provide advice without managing their assets.  Common clients who engage us on a consultant basis are the do-it-yourselfers, those who have an advisor, but need advice on specific topics outside of that advisor's ability or those who need advice, but prefer to get acquainted with our firm first before we manage their investments.

Fee-Based Consulting Services

Concierge Client Relationship

For our Concierge Clients, we manage as much of their planning and financial situation as possible to allow them to focus their time and energy on enjoying life.  We have a well defined planning process that encompasses regular reviews, proactive communication, managing their investments and income planning and even includes planning for care as you age and legacy planning.  In this relationship, we get to know as much as possible about our clients and then advocate for their personal and financial well-being.

Concierge Client Services

Take Your First Step in working with Reed Financial Planning Services!

Whether you're interested in our consultant or concierge services, the first step is to have a complimentary phone consultation.  During this call, you can ask your questions about our firm, processes and fee structure.  It's also an opportunity for us to better understand your unique situation so that we can provide our guidance and recommendations.

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