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Retirement Income Planning


Retirement income planning is the coordination, ongoing review, and management of the various types of income a client receives or will receive in retirement. This is a highly individualized and complex process that should start well before retirement and continues on after the retiree’s death to help pass along their hard-earned assets to the people or places they wanted. Included in this process is the ongoing oversight and management of your investments. Here are some things we help our clients address and plan for:

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • When can I retire?
  • When should I begin claiming my social security?
  • If married, divorced or widowed, how does this impact your social security claiming options?
  • What if I keep working after I start claiming social security?
  • If you have a pension, when should you begin claiming and what payment option should you elect.
  • If you have investments, which investments should you draw from first and why?
  • How much can I draw from them and how should my various accounts be invested?
  • How do I plan for minimum required distributions?
  • What are the rules for inherited investments?
  • How can I position my different kinds of investment accounts to plan for incapacity or legacy planning?
  • How do I monitor all of these moving parts as I age?
  • How do I structure my investments to easily pass to my loved ones?
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