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Asset minimums for new clients

Why do we have minimums?

We have two very specific reasons that we impose minimums.  First, the fewer clients we work with, the higher level of attention we can give to our clients.  Secondly, planning process if best matched with those who have more complex situations.

When we accept a new client, we make a very large commitment to them.  We work to advocate for the client’s personal and financial wellbeing for the rest of their lives.  We spend a considerable amount of time every year helping our clients with their retirement planning, care planning and estate planning needs.  This is a large undertaking and we cannot overextend ourselves by trying to service too many clients .  We wish we could offer advice to anyone and everyone who contacts us, but it’s simply not feasible. 


If we’re so focused on your existing clients, why are we accepting new clients?

As noted above, we are not looking to take on a large number of new clients.  We are very selective in who we work with.  However, we do have capacity to help new clients due to two specific reasons.   First, technology continues to advance providing the firm with more efficient ways to manage investments and deliver our planning services.  As this happens, we gradually gain the ability to service more clients. 

Secondly, our firm focuses on working with people 50 and over.  This is an aging population and the inevitable truth is that our clients pass away. We often end up working with their heirs, but sometimes that doesn’t happen or assets are sent to charities.  Therefore, we have a natural level of attrition allowing us to onboard new clients.