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Fee-Based Planning

Client Centered

Providing fee-based planning services is an important part of what we do. It allows us to be compensated for providing analysis, guidance and recommendations without the need to sell a product. Our fee arrangement can vary depending on our client’s needs and the complexity of their situation. Below is an outline of ways in which we can charge:

  • Hourly Consultant Fee
  • Financial Planning Fee to create and deliver a Financial Plan
  • Charge an annual percentage of assets under management (assets that are either managed with the firm or held away)

Here are just a few examples of ways that fee-based planning might be of help to you.  We can help you understand and incorporate the following into your planning;

Baby Boomers  

  • Outline retirement income needs
  • Social security benefits and claiming options
  • Pension benefits and claiming options
  • Retiree health insurance costs and options
  • The various rules and tax implications for withdrawing from different types of investments
  • The rules for inherited investments
  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules
  • Developing your Retirement Income Plan
  • Review your investments and offer recommendations for you to self-implement
  • Investment withdrawal strategies 
  • Portfolio allocation and investment options
  • Life insurance and long-term care insurance options
  • Planning for care as you age
  • Helping aging parents with their care or investments
  • Beneficiary designations, account ownership and other estate planning topics
  • Collaborate with other family professionals such as your CPA or estate planning attorney to incorporate your investments and retirements plans with your other areas of planning

Connecticut Public School Teachers 

All of the topics listed above, plus; 

  • The Connecticut Teachers Retirement Board (CTRB) Pension retirement requirements
  • Calculate and compare Plan N, C and D benefits
  • Buying back time into the CTRB
  • How Connecticut service versus out of state service can impact your retirement benefit
  • The differences between retiring under Normal, Early, Proratable or Vested Deferred Retirement
  • Teacher's retirement process, forms and deadlines
  • Teacher's retiree health insurance options, costs and deadlines
  • How the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset may impact you
  • Retirement income planning for CT public school teachers and their families
  • Investment and portfolio management options
  • Survivorship options and benefits for Connecticut public school teachers and their families
  • Estate planning strategies for CT public school teachers and their families

If you would like discuss your situation and understand which fee structure best suites your needs, please feel free to reach out to the firm.