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06 Nov
Teachers' Retirement Workshop - Saturday, November 6th - 8:30 am to 10:00 am CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


Connecticut public school teachers and their families have unique challenges when they plan for their retirement.  With a confusing pension system, social security offsets and retiree health insurance options that are specific to retired teachers, it’s no wonder many teachers look for a financial advisor who focuses on working with CT public school teachers.

At Reed Financial Planning Services, LLC, we have been working with Connecticut public school teachers and their families for over 15 years.  We understand the Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board Pension (CTRB), know how to calculate in the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset and know their retiree health insurance options and costs.  We can then couple this knowledge with our investment and retirement income planning process to provide a comprehensive retirement income plan for teachers and their families.  

This webinar is your opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge about the following topics.  Attendees will also be able to ask their questions during the webinar.

During this informative webinar, you will learn about the process you can follow to get yourself ready for retirement.  Here are just a few topics that we will be discussing:

  • How to outline your retirement income needs
  • Understand ways to retire under the CTRB
    • Early Retirement
    • Normal Retirement
    • Proratable Retirement
    • Vested Deferred Retirement
  • CTRB payout options
    • Plan N
    • Plan D
    • Plan C
  • Buying back time (eligible services and process)
  • Forms, process and deadlines
  • Retiree health insurance options and costs for teachers
  • CTRB Medicare supplement and advantage plan options and costs
  • Social security offsets
  • The state of Connecticut additional annuity
  • Recent legislative updates and their impact on retiring teachers
  • Reemployment rules for the CTRB
  • Coordinating your pension and social security income with investment withdrawals
  • Rules for withdrawals from investments
  • How to develop a retirement income plan
  • Estate planning considerations

Taking an hour and a half from the comfort of your home to educate yourself on these important topics will be time well-spent! 

If you can't attend and want to schedule a meeting with us, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

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Date and Time

Sat, Nov 06, 2021

8:30a - 10:00a EST


Virtual Zoom Webinar


During registration, please provide your full name, email address and cell phone number. In the comments section, please provide your board of education and any specific questions you would like answered during the webinar. If you'd like to have a fellow teacher join you, please share our link or add their name and information to the registration.


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