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Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board Statements

Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board Statements

July 18, 2023

At Reed Financial Planning Services, LLC, we are a fee-based retirement planning firm that focuses on helping Connecticut public school teachers ages 50 and over with their investment and retirement planning needs.  We understand the unique aspects that impact a teacher and their family as they plan for and enjoy their retirement.  We then use that knowledge to develop the framework of a teacher’s retirement income plan and manage their assets in a way that compliments their CTRB and social security income.

For any teacher that is approaching retirement, it’s important that you review your CTRB statement and understand your pension estimates.  Years ago, the Connecticut Teachers' Retirement Board (CTRB) mailed statements every December.  In the age of electronic delivery, the CTRB now e-mails members their statements at the beginning of every year.  Below is a link that talks more about how the CTRB now e-mails their statements and how to update your information with them if you’re not receiving your statement.

Although the statement provides you with your recorded salaries and years of service, it doesn’t calculate your pension estimates or discuss the difference between Plan N, C and D.  If you need help understanding your pension, deciding which Plan is best for you or how to manage your investments as you prepare for and enjoy your retirement, we are here to help!  We work with teachers like you and would welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and provide guidance.  Click on the link below to view our availability and schedule a phone consultation.

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