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Aging in Retirement

Like it or not, we all age.  As we age, we have unique challenges that come about.  We can have difficulty taking care of ourselves or our finances.  Or we may become ill and need care. There is a lot that can be done to plan for the phenomenon of aging.

We help our clients understand their options and implement a plan to help them retain independence, retain control of their plans and protect their hard-earned assets.  This is done through a variety of ways, all dependent in the client’s individual situation.  Here are a few ways we can help you plan:

  • Clearly outline what happens if you need help with your finances
  • Help you understand ways to structure your assets to help facilitate co-management either with your spouse, family member or other trusted individual..
  • If need be, help you change the ownership of accounts and assets to meet your plan.
  • Review your plan as you age and as your needs change.
  • Discuss the impact of long-term care and help you develop a plan to address this.
  • Provide long-term care insurance options and a plan for funding it.
  • with you and an estate planning attorney to discuss trusts, powers of attorney and other documents that can help you and your family as you age.